&nbsp "HELLO!"

"No, not Hello."


" 'Hello'? 'Good Morning'? Hey Nigo it's broken again!"

-POSS, Cyber Spears, and Wells Goldman

POSS is Cyber Spears navigational robot from Shooter Space Shot. He was created by Nigo McFlight.

In Shooter Space ShotEdit

POSS was created by 13 year old pilot Nigo McFlight to act as the navigational robot for 17 year old squad leader Cyber Spears. POSS is usually seen hanging from a suspension bar on the roof of Cyber's Fighter. At some point POSS had a glitch and Cyber told Nigo to fix it but Nigo instead fixed most of it but left in one part cause she thought it was cute. POSS amueses 18 year old member Wells Goldman, who finds POSS' mannerisms rather absurd. POSS is capable of anylizing data and sending it across a feed, or reading data in the systems of other ships and changing them. POSS is also capable of acting as a GPS and finding locations. It was POSS who detected the simalarities between the imperial super-weapons. He several human dialects and cas\n communicate with several life-forms, and machines.


"Date unknown"


"Hey POSS say Honey"


"Hehehe. See? That's so cute!"

-POSS and Nigo McFlight