Shooter Space Shot is a game for the Sony PlayStation(1) by Cyber's Garage and D3 Publishing. It is noted for it's inclusion of POSS.


The Republic Special Forces have destroyed an Imperial base. However post battle reading indicate that the plans were sent to another base. So the Special Forces have been dispatched to destroy five empire bases which might be housing the blueprint.



Cyber Spears (Age 17)Edit

The leader of the squad. He is calm collected and skilled.

Wells Goldman (Age 18)Edit

The senior member of the squad.(And most immature.) He is loud, whinny, and a bit of a wimp.

Nigo McFlight (Age 13)Edit

The only girl in the squad and a bit of a techy. She has a high temper and is desperate to prove herslef worthy of the squad.

Commissioner McFlightEdit

Nigo's father and the head of Special Forces.